Stories and Images

Below is a slideshow of some images that capture our work. Scroll down to read stories of individuals whose lives have been changed by the efforts of the Social Support Foundation. Many of these stories are of a sensitive nature (children who were former slaves, victims of HIV/AIDS, etc.), so identities have been protected when necessary.

The CASOP program has achieved many successes, but a particularly compelling one is the case of three children in Sansu, a mining community in the Obuasi municipality. When their parents died of AIDS, the three siblings had no support from other relatives and had to engage in galamsey mining to survive. When the Social Support Foundation came into contact with them, an appeal was made to rescue them and to raise funds to then rehabilitate them. The Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors took one of the children to live with her in Accra, and donations were received to take care of the other two. SSF re-enrolled them into formal education and one of them went through to senior high school level. The girl, however, became pregnant, which shows the effect of lack of parental care. But with determination, she is now undergoing vocational training to achieve self-sufficiency.

Emannuel Otoo (of SSF partner Free the Slaves) in action at Awudzakorpe, identifying and planning the rescue of several trafficked children.