Oil Watch Ghana: Research Documents

The discovery of massive quantities of oil in Ghana’s Jubilee Oil Fields is supposed to herald the revitalization of Ghana’s economy, launching it into a better day, but what are the risks involved? Read through our recently posted research documents that explore the issue, with a focus on environmental and social impact in surrounding communities.

You can read more about the Social Support Foundation’s work with Oil Watch Ghana and access the above mentioned research documents here.

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Koni Yaw JHS Visit

Recently, we visited Koni Yaw Junior High School, just outside of Bekwai, to continue our efforts in the Community Resistance to Slavery and Forced Labor (CRSFL) Project. Our Obuasi Programmes Officer, Mr. Barimah Badu put on a presentation in conjunction with Mr. Owusu Ansah, a representative of the Department of Social Welfare. The presentation was to educate the school children on the dangers of forced labor and slavery, and how they could do their part to help with our efforts.

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