About SSF

Social Support Foundation:

The Social Support Foundation (SSF) is an International Non-Governmental Organization and Civil Society Organization that is dedicated to improving the situation of marginalized Ghanaians. SSF recognizes the ideals enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and seeks to empower those who have fallen by the wayside through grass-roots initiatives aimed at education, counseling, community intervention, and economic training.

Mission Statement:

The Social Support Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the growth and development of deprived communities and to work toward achieving healthy living conditions for disadvantaged persons.


Established in August 2000, the Social Support Foundation is a non-governmental organization registered with the Registrar Generals Department (G10, 465), the Ministry of Youth and Manpower, and the Department of Social Welfare.

The Social Support Foundation has its roots in a CARE International sponsored community committee focused on HIV/AIDS support. The committee was a collaborative effort to bring all relevant stakeholders into the process and to offer HIV/AIDS support across the entire spectrum of interests, from religious groups to midwives associations to traditional bodies. As their project came to a close, a few dedicated individuals recognized the importance of sustaining their actions. Thus the Social Support Foundation was founded. Initially, the bulk of their efforts focused on HIV/AIDS issues, but as they identified other pressing problems such as child labor and slavery, they expanded to fill a role that was much needed in the Obuasi mining community. Over the years, SSF has worked and continues to work in the Obuasi Municipal District and 18 other Districts in support of the needy, vulnerable and marginalized, including Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV), Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), women, and other persons with special needs.

Collaborators and Partners:

The SSF serves as a multi-sector community support group, formed with technical support from the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, the District Responds Initiative, Care International, Ghana Registered Midwives Association and various religious bodies (Christian and Muslim). SSF also partners with international NGO’s to leverage shared knowledge and collaborate on projects at community and national levels. Such organizations include Family Health International, Ibis West Africa, ADRA Africa, INTRAC Learning organizations forum, International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS, UNAIDS, the World Health Organization, the Netherlands Embassy, Management Science for Health, Aid Effectivness Forum, OECD Watch, International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW), Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health (GCNH), Ghana HIV and AIDS Network (GHANET), Ghana Tax Justice Coalition, Local Governance Network (LOGNet), KASA Initiative Ghana, Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas (CSPOG), National Coalition of Mining (NCOM), and Oil Watch Ghana (OWG).


Since July 2001, a number of organizations and philanthropists have supported the Social Support Foundation and its programs, projects and activities. SSF is indebted to them, and ever thankful for their generosity.

Previous Donors:

JHUCC/BCS Project-USAID, GAC/Global Fund/FHI, AED/USAID, CARE International, Catholic Relief Services, CIDA/CYETA, Community Fundraising, Free the Slaves, Ghana AIDS Commission, National AIDS Control Programme, Plan Ghana, and Social Support Foundation Board of Directors.

Current Donors:

ActionAid Denmark (ActionAid Ghana), Government of Ghana and World Bank, Netherlands Development Program (SNV), CARE International, and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Please have a look at our SSF Profile and our SSF Organigram for further information.