Sustainable Vocational Skills Development Centre – Phase 4

The Social Support Foundation (SSF), greatly welcomes financial support for our project!

The project we need your financial support for targets Young People and Persons with Disabilities for our Sustainable Vocational Skills Development Project focusing on the following five clusters:

  1. Carpentry and joinery
  2. Block laying and masonry; Brick manufacturing and Brick laying; Plumbing and piping
  3. Draftsman ship and Building Designing; Computer Aided Design and Technology for Building and Construction
  4. Metal fabrications and steel bending
  5. Interior decoration and Painting; Landscaping and Horticulture

This is a strategy to mitigate the over-dependency on the mining industry in Obuasi and to diversify economic opportunities for the target groups and to give them the chance to participate in the local economic development.

Your contribution will enable us to start this project.

The Phase 4 of our project includes:

  • Operationalizing the workshops (four semesters of four months each)
  • Start the training with 25 participants per cluster (125 participants in total)
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Safety boots, two sets of overalls and uniforms, helmets and others
  • Costs for 15 trainers over the four semesters
  • Total costs for a period of two years of training: 360,000 GHC

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