Support Alhassan with Special Educational Needs

Alhassan is supported by the Social Support Foundation since he was six years old. He just completed Primary six at the St. Joseph Practice School in Bechem. Alhassan is visually impaired attending the last seven years of basic school among deaf children in class. This summer he will start Junior High School. This will support his learning process, especially since he started to learn the Braille-system on a machine in school, which is unfortunately not available at home. Studying outside of his school is therefore not possible for Alhassan, which leads to a decrease in his school performance, even though he is as a brilliant and talented student. As one out of seven siblings and as a half-orphan there is very limited financial support for his education. He needs essential items for the next term (please click here for the list of items needed) like a Braille-machine at home and still his place at a boarding school for accommodation where he gets the guidance and help he very much deserves. Alhassan and his mother got limited financial support from the Obuasi Municipal Assembly last year, in addition to the regular support from the Social Support Foundation; however, these payments are not consistent and cannot cover their costs of daily living. Especially since the mother supports additionally her three oldest daughters, each having a child without support of husbands. This vicious circle of poverty worsens Alhassan’s situation dramatically. To empower Alhassan and to support his mother financially we need your help! Please send us an email to to support Alhassan.


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